iPhone update: facts and fiction

lisaphamIf you haven’t already bitten the bullet and taken your unlocked iPhone down that scariest of paths, the 1.1.1 update, we’re here to sort out a bit of the hearsay from the actual and fairly inconvenient truth.[…] Thanks to lisapham for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

CIAVT: It pushes to iTunes, but you still actually have to click the “Update” button. It doesn’t auto-install.

slipdisc2: Apple won’t be “pushing” the update on you. You sure about that?

telemart73: Here’s what the Geniuses are doing to determine if you “hacked your phone”, they tap information from the “Incorrect SIM” window and compare the IMEI number to the one on the back of the iphone. If they don’t match, they know the phone was “unlocked”.

I know this because I experienced it. I attempted to unlock my phone for TMobile before giving up and just signing up with ATT. Now the phone is bricked and unreturnable. The genius was understanding and explained to me what was going on but went on to say that he can’t replace it because the IMEI numbers don’t match.

Anyone know whether a hack is in the works to allow updating the IMEI to match what is on the back of the iphone?

ec92009: On a positive note 1.1.1 seems to have fixed a bug in safari, a bug that prevented me from viewing long pages on digg.com.
Small consolation for my lost 3rd party apps 😦

ibone: I have no reason to update i could give two shits about doubletap and itunes over wifi.

I would not want my iphone if i couldnt get the apps, ringtones, themes. And I have AT&T already.

Ajaxpeapod: So while I was trying to get my new iBrick serviced at the apple store on 5th ave today (arguing, albeit as politely as possible with the store manager) some apple fanboy walks in to BUY another iPhone. Because he bricked his. Hmmmm…. Apple over charges everyone by $200, then gives us all a $100 “rebate”. Kills a chunk of early adopter phones, now we need to use our $100 “rebates” on a NEW phone. This is fucking insanity.

Avian00: Dugg for including Wired’s diagram.

GREEDOnvrFIRED: I loved my iPhone before i added apps. I loved it ALOT after I added apps. I updated and lost the apps. Now I just love my iPhone again. boo hoo.

diggmediggyou: I don’t think that i will own a iPhone because i just don’t like the PDA style model phone. For a person who like PDA phone, this one is best for them.
Frankly, communicator always my first choice.

third_eye: So does it fuck up installer.app or doesn’t it?

largobargo: Fuck apple.

tetro: To be fair, there were multiple warnings from Apple that the next update would brick unlocked phones. It’s common sense to interpret that as avoid the next update if you want to use your unlocked phone.

Waredgo: I tell you….I love the way that has turned out.
For so long have “hackers” coded their way around DRM, firmware and other “security measures” I too am guilty of doing so, and every time I try it I know that I do so with the knowledge that it either may not work or worse yet I could “brick” the device that I am trying to thwart.
It was only a matter of time before a real “mainstream” hack like the one used on the iPhone came about and ended up backfiring. Though I sincerely hope that the “hackers”find a way to fight back and re-unloack the iPhone, I find this turn of events extremely entertaining and admitedly comical in its irony.

euphemizeme: Bu..bu..but Jesus Phone?
I have a flip phone that retails for $110 (free with 1 year plan) and makes telephone calls with any carrier I choose. I win.

BBCmafia: Stay away from the evil itunes. We need a replacement to itunes that is not trying to sell you crap all the time. I do not let my itunes on the net, thanks to kerio firewall. No thanks to Crapple just as bad as MS.


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