iPhone update is bricking unlocked iPhones

tizz66Seems Apple’s warning came true – the latest update is bricking phones that are unlocked. Not just that, it’s even screwing up phones that HAVEN’T been unlocked, deleting contacts, photos and music.[…] Thanks to tizz66 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

znmeb: There is no such thing as irreparable damage to software! Apple has lost any chance of me buying an iPhone, or for that matter, any other Apple product

Disscount: This sounds like WGA for the iPhone.

dara64: This really annoys me. I have never bought an apple product and I never will after this. I have always had a prepaid cell phone, but I would like the option of having an iphone. Guess thats never going to happen, since they will never release it in prepaid format!! I will probably get one of the iphone rip offs which do the same stuff but are half the price (and won’t be shut down since they are manufactured unlocked). Apple shouldn’t be allowed to dictate which network you get their phone on. It is poor business ethics!

middyuk: Poor iPhone owners…. Haaa hhhaa ! ! !

trumpeter617: Does this also affect software hacked iPhones or simply unlocked?

allentackett: This could significantly stall Apple’s comeback and do serious damage to its brand. In one fell swoop, they have repositioned themselves as a consumer-centric, innovative company to an “also-ran, we lock customers to crappy service providers like everyone else to limit genuine competition, company”. This is the type of fear-driven, close-minded move that I’d expect from Verizon or Unicell, but from Apple? They’ve slipped a few steps from the moral highground they held, and if they are not careful to quickly show better leadership in this space, I fear they’ll drift into the morass of companies that have recently attacked their own customers (music companies, film studios, airlines etc.). I hope they lose a lot of customers over this and cell phone companies get the message: many consumers want unlocked phones, with no long-term contracts, that they can use anywhere and improve / personalize the functionality. Even better for the handset manufacturers, customers are willing to pay more for this.

omnis: Way to go Apple. So much for spectacularly awesome!


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