iPhone 1.1.1 “bug” unleashes music over Bluetooth

FameMoneyThe iPhone 1.1.1 update has a hidden little surprise for y’all: Bluetooth audio streaming is now available off of your iPhone for whatever you darn please, meaning you can finally listen to music from the phone wirelessly.[…] Thanks to FameMoney for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

SquidProQuo: Any idea if the IPod Touch is going to get the same treatment? Or does it have Bluetoooth in it at all?

xandifenn: perfect for the iphone music app

llsethj: AOLEngadget are fuckers. They cut and paste an Apple insider story and publish it as their own then submit it to Digg.

kelchm: I don’t know that unleashes is exactly the right word to describe mono bluetooth audio.

kmotiv1: 1.1.1 fixed my screen “polka dots”. Everybody is bitching about all the things it locked down, but it definitely fixed a few items as well. I’m surprised that no one else mentioned this at all. We’re a bunch of whiny bastards.

pileofstraw: personally, I’ve never seen nor touch a iphone yet and for some reason, I’ll stick with my pager.

SirZRX: the iphone bluetooth chipset supports A2DP, but is capped by software…what a shame

p51d007: LMAO……….wait until apple and steve “blow” jobs pushes out another patch to take that away…..THEN charge you to
put it back in. Love him or hate him…he’s smart when it comes to marketing. Hell, he should have been a crack dealer.
GIVE it away to get you dumbasses hooked, then take it away and charge you out the ass for it.

colonels1020: Apple: “That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”

GREEDOnvrFIRED: For crying out loud why do we constantly have to hear about the freaking iPhone. Oh because it is a compelling, ever changing piece of amazing technology that remains interesting even 3 months after its introduction? oh ok.

seahaven: this iphone story is disturbing me, we dont have it yet here in our country and it is always on digg….

fuxjoey: I thought bluetooth is not built-in. So how is it possible?

daxsymbiont: who fucking cares about iphone. a fucking 100 dollar motorola or nokia can play mp3s.

zmigliozzi: And everyone laughed at the zune for sharing music over bluetooth.

mikesbaker: wow apple finally got something you can do with most other new phones

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