Man has iMac replaced three times, emails Steve Jobs and gets a free iPod

muffinsincreamHe had his iMac replaced 2 and had a problem with the third. He decided to email Steve Jobs because of this and he gets a free iPod.[…] Thanks to muffinsincream for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

greenawlives: So how much was this blogger paid to write this “anecdote”?

idigit: God dammit, I had my iMac replaced twice (3 computers) and all I got was lip from the Apple support staff.

Oh well.

Bitaemo: Awwww, I wish my Macbook Pro would break so I can get a free Nano. 😦 Time to find Mr. Screwdriver!

bobnease: I love this! I’ve never had a bad experience with Apple Customer Service, and this tells me a lot about their company.

carl25: wait

so he didn’t get his imac back ?

chesss: Ahhh!
the joys being filthy rich..

StiGUP: “Seems Apple really does care about its customers a great deal. I think I’ve just fallen in love with a fruit ;).”

is he talking about the guy he talked to …or the apple itself?

jabberwolf: Anything to keep their small number of customers. Steve must be desperate.

mu0p: wait a minutes.

I have a $3000 dollar alienware paperweight that only lasted 1 year, and the company refused to upgrade my warranty when i called 2 days after my previous warrenty ended. How would I get the contact of the Head of Alienware to discuss my matters?

hayden.evans: ive gone through 3 iphones and ive gotten jack crap

qpdb: What was wrong with his imac?

sixlaneve: Can I have Jobs email? My iBook was replaced 4 times… I want a free iPod too!

vacuum2440: i’ve always had a great experience with apple…they have the best customer care and thats why their customers are so loyal. If I were to start a business I would try to emulate their business strategy in terms of customer service completely. Btw I’m from Canada so yea they still care about their customers from the North.

TunaFishGangsta: FYI, the “Steve Jobs’ email account” is monitored by a high-level customer support staff. That would be cool though if he was personally responding to people.

betojf: whatever, Apple screws ipod customers…. specially those that bought games

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