First Look: Mailplane – A desktop Gmail client for OS X

obeezyMailplane aims to provide the best of both worlds for users of the popular web-based email service Gmail, plus some clever new features that aren’t found anywhere else. Mailplane will be released in the coming weeks – here’s our first look.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

KingLeo: I use Gmail with Mail and it works perfectly. I can drag and drop attachments, etc. Plus, I have 2 Gmail accounts so I keep them all in one place.

jonbon: Can’t say I see much use for this application personally.

The only feature I want out of a Gmail application is the ability to view my email offline, and this fails to do that.

gmprunner: I believe GMail is also compatible with the Mail app included with OS X. But that’s just me…

basye: I’ve used this app for 4 months now, but am about to delete it. It’s not worth $25 for something that only does mail, when there are plenty of other gmail extensions on FF for FREE.

rpgmaker: This app is plain stupid and useless. I think that the whole offline email client thing is stupid in this days too.

vault: How is this app different than just opening gmail in safari? I don’t really care about drag/drop attachments, so what else does it add, just the multiple accounts thing?


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