How to Unbrick a Bricked Unlocked iPhone: the JesusPhone Walks Again

yokozukaHere’s a very easy method to defeat Apple and bring your bricked unlocked iPhone back from death. If you have an unlocked iPhone and you updated to firmware 1.1.1, you now can revive and bring all your third-party applications back by following these steps to restore firmware 1.0.2. This has been confirmed by the Dev Team, we are testing now live.[…] Thanks to yokozuka for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

returnofthemac: it’s good to see the same comments here as on every other post about 1.1.1 in the past 2+ weeks. What a bunch of pretentious asshats.

bluenash: maybe apple should take a page from google’s playbook: “Do no evil”

Blade2000: Suckers! Now you have to “downgrade” and lose some new features and patches/bug fixes. Why bother if you will not have the newest release?

insomniac8400: At least all of this proves apple purposely screwed the phones in software and that the locks weren’t accidental. I find it interesting that they are inviting a class action against them that if they lose affirms consumer rights, and if they win screws consumers over big time. No verdict will be good for apple.

genexyzration: Don’t downgrade. Upgrade is the way to go. Upgrade to your attorney telling that the recent update rendered your iphone useless when you needed it most. When it failed it resulted to: death, injury, pain, divorce, loss of money, repossessed house/car/truck, loss your girlfriend,accident on the road, unable to call police in an emergency. You pay for the service and you expect their service.

thequixotic: I know hacking the iPhone is jolly exciting, but it is called the i PHONE for a reason…
It’s like collecting your car from the garage and the guy saying “well, we still can’t get the engine working, but the radio and air-con are perfect!”

oosnoopy: The phone doesn’t work.

Yay for an overpriced function lacking PDA?

toetagger: I’m sorry… I’m really trying to give a shit about this but I just don’t.

jnadke: Hackers 1, Apple/AT&T 0

Come’on, you know Apple probably could’ve implemented the patch without messing with the EFI… they did it intentionally…

toetagger: Too soon to celebrate…

casual7y: I am so glad i’m too poor to have bought an iphone now haha

nave7693: Is this just me or does it really sound exactly like the whole affair with the PSP?

deVida: And in three days, the Jesus Phone rose again!

1ofMany: Isn’t it ironic that Steve Jobs was once a big time phone hacker (back in his college days) and is now out to punish the people that have hacked his phone…

shortarabguy: For a product that was touted as so user-friendly and easy to use, this sure does look like a bitch to get working.


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