iPhone Downgrade Baby! Go from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2!

tony.pitaleJust what the title says. Looks like all that complaining might be for nothing! Take that Apple![…] Thanks to tony.pitale for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Moviespo: This feature lasted 5 days! Just today my iphone went bonkers. I went from 1.0.2 then to 1.1.1 then back to 1.0.2 after 5 days of enjoying the third party, on the first day my mail app disappeared… It was there but could not see it..after ssh into phone and purging everything in the mail.app folder it was restored.

Today my photos disappeared and when plugging the phone into itunes it came up with a max space of 250 megs storage and 55 available..Instead of reading the 8 gigs of max space..

Had to do a bootie call..After the restore..all is good but somethings not 100% with this hack but well worth the trip
All in all, I’ll just restore if it happens again..Nothing beats the apptap..

Anyone else have this problem?

kiddx: By the time everyone gets all this worked out and the screaming and hacking and firmware and everything a competitor will make a phone just as good or better than the iphone and will be available

caponumen: Meanwhile the rest of the world could care less……..

pengas: burn fanboys, and as of apple, well mr. jobs, u will not see a cent out of me nor any of my clients and as far as i am concerned, even if u came and kissed my bottoms, i will not give u another chance.

hasta la pasta biaatch

AzMegladon: you macboys r just sad.

aristotle0dude: The unlock tools are modifying system level files. The way the hacking tools are modifying the system could be causing the firmware update to fail to complete successfully.

There are several possibilities:
1. Jailbreak could be setting the permissions or ownership incorrectly.
2. Jailbreak modifies files which causes a CRC+version check to fail in the firmware update to fail part of the way through.

If some of the files were not updated during the update, an incompatibility between the flash rom and one of those file could result in an unbootable system.

It is possible that Apple built a check for modifications to a particular file that these hacking tools do not modify to determine whether to start the update process to support multiple branches of code internally.

luet: “After downgrading your iPhone will most likely not work as a phone.”

so… then it’s basically an iPod touch. Then why buy a fucking iPhone for this stuff?

stormbreaker: Or you could just not upgrade in the first place…

herval: the best thing is seeing the morons on the forum criticizing the guy for telling everybody he made it, and then claiming that ‘everybody knew it’ in the end…

MrViklund: Dugg down because of iPhone hack.

nick1000: Anybody tried this on an iBrick….. http://developer.ribbitphone.com/
Can someone make VOIP calls using this?

dgtldre: Guys, you should research more into this method and not only read the headlines..From my understanding, If you have a valid ATT SIM card and are a legit ATT account holder/cutomer your phone WILL work (making phone calls). For those that are wanting to use it as an unlocked phone with a differerent carrier, I belive that’s where the mix reports are coming in about the phone part not working.

frunch217: Nice! Fuck Apple!

SirZRX: mouses and pirates…always win!

insomniac8400: So what happens when someone can’t call 911 on ther iphone after updating? Is jobs going to jail?


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