Unbricked iPhones Now Fully Working, Calls Included

lisaphamToday we have discovered that you can send and receive calls, SMS and mails too, as well as surf the Web with it.[…] Thanks to lisapham for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

akatsuki: Isn’t it time for openfirmware for the iPhone? It is better looking than that OpenMoko thing anyway.

kineticarl: Let the unwavering love resume. We shall not speak of this incident again.

anarchy99: “Directv testing was like that too but now Directv has won, They got locked down their access card tight, they’re also coming out with new cards like every month”
thats because we stopped trying
take a look at dish and bev, when its working you can have both the Canadian and american dishes at the same time if you have all the need equiptment
plus direct has less of movies and such but more sports.
dish channels wise rules then add bev and FTA its obvious why directv “testing” died

zongamin: Are people unlocking there phones just for the hell of it? Surely you still have to pay your AT&T contract – so why no use it? Are you paying for 2 line rentals and just not using one?

bobnease: I’m interested in how Apple will respond to this… I’m happy with my unlocked iPhone, but I’m also happily watching as everybody else pushes the limits. I figure the harder the iPhone Dev Team works, the more likely we will be to see Apple put more native Apps on iPhone, and hopefully open up to 3rd Party Developers. Only time will be the tell…

zdiggler: some what like PSP homebrew dev’s and Directv Testers,
PSP sort of still work like same position as iPhones and their hackers.

Directv testing was like that too but now Directv has won, They got locked down their access card tight, they’re also coming out with new cards like every month

seek205: To bad you have to buy a turbosim to make it work…

jakbrud: Dugg for calling the apple store to prove it

betojf: Ramzi hacked it!

jthomp: Told you.

petrax: In the legal view the iPhone is subsidized as Apple is receiving monetary considerations from AT&T for all iPhones activated. As a purchaser of an iPhone you accept the this exclusivity and the terms of all the contracts implied and written. Apple and AT&T have made every required legal disclosure and then some on the fact that a 2 year AT&T contract is required with the purchase of an iPhone.
As far as ringtones go, My mother-in-law sees it differently based on the cell carriers and recording industries past standard practices. Apple’s deal with the recording industry is somewhat unprecedented as the cost is only .99 cents, you get to make it yourself and you can keep it as long as you like. The Industry standard is two to three times that price, you take what they give you and it expires after 30 to 120 days or you have to pay for it again. Ringtones and full music tracks have been considered different products by both the cell carriers and the recording industry from the inception to use parts of a song as ringtones. Because of this fair use does not apply in the case of using part of a music track as a ringtone. Don’t blame Apple, blame the music industry and the cell carries for creating the hole in fair use by treating ringtones from music tracks as a product.

AndrewWiggin: Do you have to pay for this to work?
I don’t have an iPhone yet so I’m not familiar with all the different unlocking services.

petrax: I know this is an unpopular but, companies and individuals selling or giving away tools to unlock or open the iPhone to other carriers and third party software are in the strictest terms breaking the law. Using these products is also in violation of the iPhones Software License Agreement. While Apple has not yet gone after anyone legally and they may never choose to do that, the option is still open.
The iPhone is a subsidized phone, when you purchase it and open the box you are agreeing to an a 2 year contract with AT&T, If you do not sign-up and activate the iPhone with AT&T you can still be held liable for the full cost of the AT&T 2 year contract, at some point AT&T might choose to track and enforce that part of the contract. If you go into a Sprint.Nextel store and buy a HTC Mogul for $299.99 took it out of the store and unlocked it to use it with T Mobile would you expect to be charged the full cost of the 3 year Sprint/Nextel contract? If not, how come? The retail price of the HTC Mogul phone is $549.99 if you were to purchase one that is not subsidized. The iPhone is an AT&T subsidized phone, Apple receives monetary compensation form AT&T for the exclusive rights to provide services to all iPhones Apple sells in the US. Apple has used the subsidy in 2 ways. 1. They negotiated a better rate on full unlimited data plans for their iPhone customers (don’t believe me compare the AT&T iPhone plans with the same AT&T rates with any other subsidized smart phone. 2. Apple is receiving monetary subsidy payments from AT&T.
So, you think well I went into the Apple Store or Ordered it directly from Apple so the iPhone is not subsidized so I should be free to do with it what I want. Not so fast, Apple wanted the user experience of buying the iPhone to remain within it’s control, and the understood that if you had to go to AT&T to buy your phone and have it activated in the store AT&T store would not be able to handle the volume and the store would stop promoting this overwhelming burden that the iPhone would be come.
Hacked iPhones aside, the iPhone is the easiest and most pleasant cell phone to buy and get activated on the market. You walk into an Apple or AT&T store you buy the phone and you walk out, at home you plug-in the iPhone to your computer open iTunes fill in some info and submit it in the privacy and comfort of your own home and with-in a few minutes you have an activated ready to use iPhone (and you could do it in your underwear if you wanted to), any other phone you answer endless questions you pay your money and you wait around the store for them to activate your phone (15 to 45 minutes in some cases).
So keep this in mind while you bitch about Apple Bricking your iPhone, You knowingly bought an AT&T subsidized iPhone you hacked and unlocked it to use it on another carries network so you in reality you are using a phone you will not fully own until you’ve fulfilled your 2 year obligation to AT&T, so your basically stole the subsidized iPhone and said well it’s my phone and I can do with what I want too and AT&T that owns part of my phone can just piss off..

obeygiant: um. i may be crazy, but all of this ‘work’ to just use a damn phone is seeming to be a bit kind of crazy now… (after the 15th update, i’ve had enough)

i’ll just stick with my at&t iphone.

a phone is something i use quite frequently, so i wouldn’t want to take a chance to have a brick in my pocket….

am i crazy or do other people feel the same way?

scottix: Yes the iPhone is be littled by not allowing third party apps…one of the main reasons I don’t have one. The other is that it doesn’t have 3G which is lame.


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