Why Can’t I Access AT&T WiFi With My iPhone?

bobneaseThere’s one thing about being an AT&T Wireless customer that I just really don’t understand, and that is why my AT&T membership doesn’t give me automatic access to all of their WiFi hot spots?[…] Thanks to bobnease for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

bill.clark: Look, get over it. You overpaid for a piece of shit phone. Why does that make you think you’re entitled to free access to AT&T’s WiFi network? Everyone else has to pay for it, so suck it up and quit your bitching.

And don’t even start with the “iPhone is the greatest thing in the world” bullshit either. Any phone that requires you to rely on “hackers” to open it up and make it do something that every other cell phone on the market can isn’t an amazing, next-generation product…it’s another locked down piece of shit Apple product.

yoshitx: Why cant I have ATT&T transatlantic fiber service with my iPhone subscription?

rockets: Did Steve tell you that you could do that? No? Then shut up and keep listening to the iPod.

Thuktun: Careful not to talk down AT&T if you’re a customer. They might suspend your service.

http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/09/29/10 …

slipdisc2: Its really simple, you got to pay to play.

blahblah blah, gimme gimme gimme. Get real dude. No one is going to (give) you anything.

jdrift: That sounds like a criticism to me…How long will it take until Att (aka the Death Star) finds out who you are via. ip and terminates your contract…

craigfis: Because you aren’t paying them for WiFi access!

MasteRR: “Why Can’t I Access AT&T WiFi With My iPhone?” Because AT&T has bent you, your parents, and your parent’s parents over the counter for years. What would make you think that will change now?

artifishall: this aggravated me at the Seattle airport last month. Its free to jump on if you have a dsl line at home (which has a much smaller bill) but not my iPhone.

TheIguana: *sarcasm* Giving out free wifi could result in the complete failure of AT&T’s western network… Kind of like third party applications.

trouble916: I do think part of the reason is that AT&T Wireless is still a different company that AT&T WiFi or whoever is running that part of things. A&TW is still largely Cingular.

It would be nice for them to bundle them some way or another. Of course, an iPhone with a free unlimited WiFi and open software is dangerously close to being a VoIP phone and reducing your need for a big (money making) cellular calling plan.

jdwaters: my experience… as a general rule, if it doesn’t say FREE Wi-Fi…. it isn’t.

Yankees368: I have a Sprint Mogul and also am not able to use Sprint wi-fi where ever it is actually available. But here is a workaround for me:

Just use the Mogul as a modem for my laptop and cruise the internet at 1 mbps down

mconwell: I am an ATT DSL subscriber and can access ATT WiFi hotspots from my iPhone. All it takes is a simple web page login with your DSL account credentials.

kungfoolou: You get access to their hotspots if you have a broadband account, not a wireless account. Yes, why not cell customers as well? Who knows? But it’s still separate companies under the same brand right now. AT&T spins off the wireless division, which later is sold to Cingular who is then bought by a company named AT&T, but was actually the former SBC companies. Who in turn were baby bells, all part of the original Bell Telephone Company. Who Bellsouth was one of. And who in turn was brought back into the AT&T mix by the same former-SBC-former-baby-bell organization.

Really? I’m surprised they integrated customer databases, at least from an external POV this quickly. Stopr griping, it’ Ma Bell. Take what you can get or find some one else.


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